Dr. Price is a leader in culinary nutrition for cancer patients

What is Complementary and Integrative Medicine?

If a non-mainstream practice is used together with conventional medicine, it’s considered “complementary."Complementary health practitioners take a team approach to caring for their patients. They take into account medicine interactions, therapies, and conditions. They also communicate with mainstream practitioners for the good of their shared patient. Complementary medicine manages the physical, psychological, and spiritual consequences of disease.

Who could benefit from treatment?

Do you desire:

  • A close partnership between yourself and your physician

  • To use both conventional and alternative medicines

  • An emphasis on non-invasive treatments, whenever possible

  • The commitment to ensuring that medical diagnoses and treatments are based on scientifically sound research

  • Consideration of all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease

  • An emphasis on health promotion and illness prevention through healthy living

If so, then complementary medicine (cam medicine) is for you!

Dr. Price's Areas of Expertise

Complementary Cancer Care

Dr. Price works with patients and their mainstream oncology team during cancer treatment through recovery. Her objective is to help decrease short and long term side effects in a safe and effective way. She also aims to help the immune system (best immune diets and nutrition) rebound as quickly as possible from the effects of treatment. Using her extensive background in biochemistry, and immunology she holistically evaluates patients, and assess their specific needs. Her expertise and national leadership is in culinary nutrition during cancer treatment (cancer fighting foods).

Dr. Price also provides preventative diets and natural therapies for patients and family members whom are BRCA (HBOC), and Lynch Syndrome positive.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Blood sugar regulation is at the heart of longevity, and the prevention of chronic disease. Dr. Price creates health plans for patients diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, and diabetes type II.

Women's Health

Dr. Price's goal is to provide comprehensive Women's Health care through all stages of development and transitions. She uses non hormonal therapies as well as nutrition-based treatments. Effective plans for PMS, PCOS, Peri menopause and menopausal symptoms are created for each patient.

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