Vital Intersections: Creating contemporary cancer treatment plans

In July, I hosted a dynamic and exciting webinar entitled The Restorative Health Retreat where with seven experts we explored seven vital aspects of contemporary cancer treatment plans. These characteristics emerged as I researched the intersection between Blue Zones, groups with notably low incidences of cancer, and those populations where spontaneous cancer remission have occurred.

This intersection of characteristics includes:



Emotional Well-being


Herbs and Supplements


Sense of Purpose

These essential aspects promote recovery and remission in many populations.

Our presenters included: Paul Stamets, Dr. Peter D'Adamo, Dr. Paul Anderson, Dr. Brad Lichtenstein, Dr. Landon Opinui, Dr. Cindy Ness and Shaina Traisman. Discussion dissected the anatomy of each aspect and how we begin to create and nurture plans of action.

I'll be summarizing each aspect as presented, and adding more detail for use.

Please check out the webinar and share it with friends on the cancer journey.