Why Genomics Matter: PTEN and apoptosis

In this article we continue describing genes vital to cancer prevention, and remission. We have described apoptosis as cell directed 'suicide', that is when cells contain damage that is too much to be repaired, the cells undergo processes to be eliminated. PTEN also is involved in regulation of metastasis of cancer cells too.

Phosphate and tensin homolog (PTEN) provides instructions for making an enzyme which is a tumor suppressor which helps in regulating cell division via regulating AKT (see previous blog). This enzyme signals to cells to stop dividing and triggers cells to self destruct (apoptosis). In summary, the enzyme that PTEN codes for controls cell migration, adhesion and angiogenesis, all vital to metastasis. It also plays a role in the stabilization of cell’s genetic information.

PTEN Nutritional Support

Nutrition acting as agonist that is supporting PTEN includes:

Butyric acid – Artichokes, ghee, sauerkraut, goat’s milk

Ursolic acid – Apple peels, basil, bilberries, cranberries, oregano, hawthorne berries, prunes

Vitamin D3 – Sunshine, mushrooms, supplementation

Vitamin A – Kale, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, spinach, pumpkin seeds, collard greens, chard, apricots, peas, leeks, black eyed peas

Assessing your personal genome (genetic information) helps guide your integrative physicians to the best treatment plan, both supplements and diet, for you.

If you have information from 23 and Me or Ancestry, you have raw data that can be analyzed.