Surviving SARS-CoV (Coronavirus)

Dear Community,

I hope you are all taking all the pre cautions to stay healthy during these times, including washing your hands often and social distancing. Because SARS-CoV is extremely contagious, we all are at risk of developing symptoms known Covid 19, this now includes people younger than 60, with the highest asymptomatic vectors (those who can transmit the virus) being young people.

There are two aspects of our immune systems that mount defense against viral infections: innate and cell directed immunity. Innate immunity relays on having seen the virus or a related viruses before. Often this aspect of the immune system is called the 'memory' part of the immune system. Cell directed relays on the presence of something that is foreign, the antigen, in the cells. These cells send up signals on their surface which this aspect of the immune system recognizes and can attack.

SARS-CoV virus is a strain that our bodies have never seen before and thus one aspect of our immune system, innate immunity, can not respond with the efficiency and effectiveness relative to other viruses.

For the next several weeks the risk of transmission will be especially high. It is more important then ever to make sure that cell directed immunity is supported. This will vary depending on chronic diseases like cancer, past and current treatment, age and other factors. While I usually promote an at home self empowering approach using whole foods diet, hydration, exercise etc., I would highly recommend that a protocol be developed to meet your individual needs.

I am offering quick (acute) telehealth appointment which is covered by most insurance. As well, for uninsured or under insured condensed appointments.

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