The Science of Longevity: Creating Blue Zones

Most readers of this blog know that I have a passion for 'food as medicine'. My interest developed after years of seeing patients, many of them cancer patients, where medication and supplement interactions limited what I could prescribed. Instead, I turned to nutrients from specific foods.

As I researched different foods and diets, I was reintroduced to the concept of Blue Zones. These are areas in the world where the incident of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and other debilitating conditions are almost non existent, and people live well over 100. The quality of life in these areas is high.

In Blue Zones, there is not one thing that these communities do. Several studies show that there are a number of aspects that add to longevity and wonderful quality of life:

- Diet


-Community and social networks

-Religion/Spirituality and daily rituals

-Sense of purpose

-Periods of relaxation

These aspects are naturally part of the fabric of life, and are important day to day.

In our lives, we can do more to intentionally create our own mini Blue Zones. But we must be committed to consistently implementing these changes.

We'll explore each of these aspects in the next series of blogs. Stay tuned!