Lentils a la fall with Plum Chutney:Pacific Northwest Cuisine

We crossed over to visit my favorite muse: one of the smaller islands in the San Juans. There is something peacefully magical about being surrounded by water, yet feeling nestled and safe by forest and land. This is quintessential Pacific Northwest best of both worlds, Mountains and water. The island seems sparsely populated and often when we take walks to the three or four coves near our little abode we see no one. I guess that's where the peace comes into play.

Some of the inspiration I've gotten this past summer comes from the road side farm stands where we've gotten seasonal and regional foods. Since its fall we have looked forward to apples, Asian pears and pears. They are reasonably priced for organic food. I have to admit most of the veggies and fruit we've purchased have had wonderful flavor. We bought McIntosh-type apples this time around.

I needed to roll up my sleeves, take off my hat and think. It was time to get to work figuring out what I could do with the apples. What did I know about the nutritional value of apples and how that could be applied to foods for cancer patients. Apples contain a wonderful amount of fiber, quercitin and Vitamin C. The fiber heps with bulking, sugar and cholesterol control; and a balanced and happy gut. Quercitin is a flavonoid compound with anti oxidant activity. Vitamin C also has anti oxidant activity and is vital for tissue repair (anti scarring and keloid formation) and also for the adrenal gland (stress).

I stopped to have a chat with yoda-Auggie whom gives great feed back on recipes.

I decided that I'd make Plum Chutney (see Recipes for recipe) and Pacific Northwest inspired lentils. A friend (thanks Jodi) collected these Italian plums from a neighbor's yard. Plums have a good amount of iron, fiber and some Vitamin C. Garlic is a great antimicrobial.

The finished product. My sous chef told me next time I should use more ginger, and onions...(kids are so critical). It is a beautiful color and tastes good and pleasantly mild. Not too anything. Next up the lentils.

Gorgeous ingredients. Lentils have a good amount of protein (1 cup = 18 grams) and have a nice amount of fiber; easily digestable. Yes those are apples. I like to add a little sweetness to my lentils. Apples are perfect. In addition to adding sweetness, they give the stew a textural quality like potatoes. I like to have my patients stay away from white potatoes because of the insulin surges they can cause. Apples have a ton of fiber (bot insoluble and soluble). This recipe is full of vitamin C and quercitin with the broccoli, onions and apples. Very nicely anti inflammatory.

And of course garlic. I wonder why garlic isn't a veggie. ;) That's how much I like it!

The finished product:lentils with plum chutney. They compliment each other wonderfully. My assistant/sous chef gave it the thumbs up and had a second helping. Welcome to fall.

Just in case you can't make out what it says: 'Eat Well" <3