Fresh food is powerful food

Welcome to my blog site. Food is powerful, particularly when making specific food choices as an ally to your health and health conditions.

I am excited to share with you my thoughts and passion regarding food as supportive 'medicine' during cancer treatment and beyond. For the past ten years working with cancer patient and their oncologists through treatment, I have become convinced that food and nutrition do make a difference in treatment outcome, side effects and quality of life. That's why in 2015 I co-authored the book, 'Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery' (Demos Health Publishing, 2015). As a research scientist, I've found this claim supported by several peer reviewed studies (National Cancer Institutes and EPIC studies) and my own research as a National Institutes of Health Research fellow.

While there are many articles, web site and blogs that speak to the importance of nonspecific whole food diets, very few if any address the particular nutrient needs based on conventional treatment type and phase (i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, hormone therapy, etc). Each of these treatments is associated with specific nutrient needs and deficiencies.

It's my task to translate specific nutritional needs of each phase and treatment to the foods and recipes that contain good and safe amounts.

What this blog is not is a substitute for treatment or for a doctor's care. While food is amazingly supportive tool, there exists no statistics or data showing that it can cure cancer.

Dr. Price at a San Juan Islan Farm Stand