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Why custom recipes?

Your starting health, your cancer, and the drugs and procedures you receive all determine what your specific needs will be during treatment, and how well you will tolerate it.


Specific cancer treatments are associated with predictable long and short term side effects. Many of these are associated with tissue damage, and nutrient deficiencies caused by treatment. Prevention can be had by the consistent use of specific foods in the diet.

Custom recipes which guide you towards optimal health and recovery are part of a complete and holistic treatment plan during cancer treatment.

Dr. Price will use her expertise in culinary nutrition to prepare custom recipes that:

1. Help reduce short and long term side effects of specific treatments.

2. Help speed recovery of the immune system during and after treatment

3. Increase quality of life during and after treatment

4. Help to prevent weight loss during treatment

5. Help to reduce weight gained during cancer treatment especially associated with steroids

How it works:

  1. Select a product below

  2. Check out and pay

  3. You will be sent a survey inquiring about treatment type, pre existing conditions, allergies, etc

  4. Personalized delicious and nourishing recipes will be created for you and sent electronically