Scheduling Only Online Appointments Currently due to Covid

Seattle Location:

4501 15th Ave. South 

Suite 103

Seattle, WA 98108

(209) 791-3669


Saturdays 10-5:00

Until May 1, 2021 (Please see below message from Dr. Price)

Online Scheduling for Saturday Seattle appointments below:

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After a year of reflection I find it necessary to consolidate my practices to provide the best service for you my patients. As many of you know, my Saturday practice is one of four clinics I have been practicing in. As of May 1, 2021 I will only be practicing at:


Puget Sound Family Health, Tacoma

253 503-8792


Alpine Integrated Medicine, Redmond

425 949-5961


Both practices have full staffs and are well supported 7 days a week. Visits can be both provided online/telehealth and also in person if preferred. Telehealth will not be going away for any time in the near future.


The Alpine Integrated Medicine practice is particularly appropriate for patients seeking cancer support.


Insurances vary, but most are the same as the Saturday practices. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I appreciate you all and has been my honor to serve you.