Free Online Retreat: Restorative Health

June 14, 10 - 2:00

Hosted by Dr. Lisa A. Price, ND

Dr. Price hosts six esteemed colleagues for this online retreat that explores seven vital characteristics found in Blue Zones and populations where spontaneous remissions have occurred.

Two populations give us insight into surviving cancer and other chronic illnesses: Blue Zones and those populations who've undergone spontaneous remissions. Each have nine to ten observed characteristics that distinguish them from other global populations. Comparing the groups we find that seven characteristics overlap. Science can explain some of the physiological effects of each of these characteristics. This online course will review, elucidate the science and explore ways each is cultivated. In doing so, participants will leave with a greater understanding and direction for creating contemporary plans in conjunction with their healthcare teams. 

10:15 Social and Emotional Wellbeing as Catalysts of Health: From Blue Zones to Cancer “Thrivers” Dr. Cindy D. Ness, Psychologist and Social Anthropologist, New York, NY

10:45 Exercise: Understanding the power of movement - Dr. Landon Opinui,ND, Oahu, HI, Medical Director of Nā Puʻuwai, one of five Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems

11:15 Herbs and Supplements in Chronic Illnesses - Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD, Seattle, WA Author of 'Outside the Box Cancer Therapies', Medical Educator, PodCast Host

11:45 Update Medicinal Mushrooms - Paul Stamets, Mycologist, Founder Fungi Perfecti, Author, TEDTalk Speaker 

12:30 Intuition: Nurturing Your Higher Self - Shaina O'Neill-Butler, Portland, OR  Yogi, Herbalist, Founder of Yoga Behind Bars

1:00 Diet: Using Innovations in Gene Technology to Create Best Diets for Chronic Illness -  Dr. Peter D'Adamo, ND Bridgeport, CT Author of 'Eat Right for Your Blood Type', Software Developer

1:30 Living with Purpose - Dr. Brad Lichtenstein, ND, Seattle, TEDtalk,  Author and lecturer on Mind-Body therapies

The Restorative Health Retreat will explore, explain and cultivate the following characteristics: 


Intuition corresponds to a greater sense of peace, self control and agency.

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Exercise remains the top correlate associated with prevention and remission of chronic disease.

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Emotional Wellbeing
Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional well being affects the long term activity and response of the immune system.

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Diet is a key factor in prevention and decreasing risk of recurrence of chronic illnesses.

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Herbs and Supplements
Herbs and Supplements

Safe use of herbs and supplements are beneficial to optimal health.

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Populations that have a sense of spirituality are found to have lower risk of chronic illnesses.

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People who have a sense of life purpose have a greater quality of life, which is often correlated with longevity.

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 By reading this and watching the video you acknowledge that none of the information provided in this workshop is intended to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose or treat any physical or psychological disorder.

Biographies of Presenters

Dr. Cindy D. Ness is a Psychologist and Cultural Anthropologist (doctorates from Harvard University, 2005, and The University of Pennsylvania, 2010, respectively), who has been in private practice for over 25 years LCSW, NYU, 1985).


Following her own rare oral cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2018, she has devoted the majority of her private practice to working with individuals and couples dealing with cancer and to educating practitioners about the positive role that social connection, emotional wellbeing, and lifestyle changes can play in helping to stave off recurrence and bolster treatment outcomes.

Dr. Cindy D. Ness Picture.jpg

Dr. Landon Opunui, ND is the medical director of Nā Puʻuwai, one of five Native Hawaiian Health Care Systems, serving the islands of Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi in Hawaiʻi. Federally funded through the Native Hawaiian Health Care Improvement Act, Dr. Opunui is the first naturopathic physician in history to be promoted to medical director of a Native Hawaiian Health System.


Dr. Opunuiʻs Hawaiian grandmother is his inspiration to pursue medicine as a career due to her premature passing from chronic health conditions and limited access to health care. He did his pre-med undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount before going on to naturopathic medical school at Bastyr University in Seattle. Following residency in Kailua-Kona, Dr. Opunui worked in Hawaiiʻs largest integrative medical practice in Honolulu where he worked alongside MDs, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, PTs, OTs, psychologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists. He shortly thereafter became the first ND to become fully credentialed as a PCP within HMSAs (Blue Cross Blue Shield) network providing mainstream access to naturopathic medical services for the first time in Hawaiiʻs history.


Dr. Opunui often views naturopathic medicine as a bridge between western and traditional healing practices because naturopathic doctors are licensed to assess, diagnose and treat disease like medical doctors, but the profession offers several other therapeutic approaches besides surgery and medication that are connected closer to nature like traditional practitioners.


Dr. Opunui believes in a multi-modality, team-based, collaborative approach to preventing and managing disease while addressing the root cause of illness. When the right space and support is created for a person, health can blossom and transform.  While weaving the traditional views of health and healing with our modern understanding of science and medicine, Dr. Opunui has unique training and perspective to address health disparities and improve health outcomes.

Dr. Lichtenstein is a licensed, board certified naturopathic physician specializing in Mind-Body Medicine. He is also board certified in both Biofeedback and HRV (heart rate variability) with expertise in counseling, meditation and mindfulness training, breathwork, yoga and somatic movement education, homeopathy, energetic bodywork, and trauma and end of life care. 

Dr. Lichtenstein has been in private practice in Seattle, Washington since 1995 and serves as a core faculty member at Bastyr University with the School of Naturopathic Medicine, as well as teaching courses for the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Nutrition and Counseling and Health Psychology degree programs. Dr. Lichtenstein serves as an Attending Physician of the Mind-Body Medicine and Integrated Chronic Pain Clinics at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health and has a strong clinical and teaching focus on developing psycho-emotional-spiritual health while dealing with chronic and life-challenging illnesses. Dr. Lichtenstein was the former head of Mind-Body Medicine at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center until September 2011. 

Past experience includes developing and managing the Personal Growth/BodyMind Medicine Department at WELLSPACE, an integrative medicine practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts from 2006-2007, serving as a Grant Review Panelist at the National Center for Complementary Medicine at the National Institute of Health from 2003-2007, serving as a panel consultant for "Provider Perceptions of CAM Research: A National Survey" sponsored by the Department of Clinical Bioethics of the National Institutes of Health at Harvard University Medical School in 2006, reviewing and evaluating medical literature of complementary and allopathic treatments in HIV and AIDS Research from 1994-2002, where he authored a quarterly column (Ask Dr. Brad) and wrote articles on topics of Complementary Medicine and HIV Care. 

Dr. Lichtenstein has written many publications, including articles in Unified Energetics, STEP Perspective, Let's Live and Caregivers quarterly, Naturopathic Doctors News and Review (NDNR), and the Huffington Post. He continues to present nationally on a wide array of topics including naturopathic medical approaches to HIV/AIDS treatment, naturopathic medical approaches to primary care, mindfulness and meditation as a healing modality, determining the appropriate mind-body technique for healing, the use of breathwork, HRV and biofeedback to increase resiliency and balance the nervous system. He hosts monthly Death Cafes around the greater Seattle area, and has lead countless Advanced Directives parties, encouraging people to become more comfortable with the inevitable reality that faces us all, and to discuss preparation for the future, should one no longer be able to make decisions for oneself.  


Shaina O’Neill-Butler is the founder of Yoga Behind Bars and the Karma Yoga Collective, a group of socially engaged yogis who are devoted to creating change in the world through serving others.

Karma Yoga has always been Shaina’s primary practice. It is known as the yoga of action or selfless service, sometimes referred to as “Spiritual Activism”- an embodied practice taking yoga off the mat and into the world. Upon graduating from her first yoga teacher training in 2003 at Samadhi Yoga in Seattle, WA, Shaina began teaching yoga at the Seattle King County Jail. There she quickly discovered an overwhelming need for mindfulness practices amongst incarcerated individuals. To help meet this need, Shaina began training volunteer yoga instructors to teach yoga to prisoners, thereby planting the seed of what is today a flourishing organization known as Yoga Behind Bars.

In 2009, Shaina traveled to India where she continued her study of yoga and Indian culture. There she completed her second 200-hour teacher training with Kamal Singh, an Ashtanga yoga teacher in Rishikesh. After two years of studying and teaching yoga internationally, Shaina finally landed in Portland where she now calls home.

Shaina is also a massage therapist, doula, herbalist, student of yoga therapy, wife, and a mother of two beautiful children.

Peter D'Adamo is a naturopathic physician who is also an author, researcher-educator, Ivesian, amateur horologist, budding software developer and air-cooled enthusiast. He is considered a world expert in glycobiology, principally the ABO (ABH) blood groups and the secretor (FUT2) polymorphisms. He is currently a Distinguished Professor of Clinical Sciences at the University of Bridgeport Connecticut.

In 1990 Dr. D'Adamo was awarded Physician of the Year by The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. He is Adjunct Clinical Professor for both the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe AZ, and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland OR.

Dr. D'Adamo is the chief science advisor and head formulator at D'Adamo Personalized Nutrition.

In 2001 Dr. D'Adamo founded the Institute for Human Individuality (IfHI). In 2003 he instigated the first IfHI biannual conference and certification, at which he was the keynote speaker. These conferences, which have attracted the best and brightest minds in nutritional genomics, continued through 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

Dr. D'Adamo is currently developing several new bioinformatics tools. His best known projects and most popular projects are DataPunk, a semantic accumulator and network designer for naturopathic knowledge; QuodLibet, a molecular pathway analytic tool that uses graph theory and social networking algorithms; and SWAMI, a program that devises complex one-of-a-kind health protocols for individuals. He is currently writing a program called HUNCH, which allows clinicians to apply semiotic principles to charting case histories.

Dr. D'Adamo teaches Generative Medicine I-II and Introduction to Biochemical Individuality at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine and supervises a specialized clinic shift in personalized medicine. He is the Director of the new University of Bridgeport Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine.

In 1996 Dr. D'Adamo wrote the NY Times Bestseller Eat Right For Your Type. December 2016 saw the release of the Revised and Updated version. It continues to be published in hard cover only.

Renowned naturopath Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo inherited from his father, the notion that people of different blood types do better on certain diets. Years of validating and synthesizing the science behind the idea culminated in the 1996 award-winning book Eat Right 4 Your Type. The bestseller was followed by a series of books on the connections between blood type and many of our nation's most serious health problems, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Then in 2007, Dr. D'Adamo published The GenoType Diet, offering a therapeutic series of diets for six different genotypes. Building on blood type, the book explores the concept of epigenetics - the way in which our genes respond to our environment and create differences that we then pass along to our children. Recently, Dr. D'Adamo has developed a software program that generates a personalized, unique diet for each of his patients.


He is the CEO of the Anderson Medical Group which includes a state of the art integrative medical clinic in Seattle Washington serving people with cancer and advanced chronic illnesses. In addition to this he operates a medical education website, a Radio show / Podcast on CTR Radio Network and a patient outreach and medical education services firm.

Dr.A uses his over two decades of work as a physician and four decades total in medicine to bring a unique view of medicine to patients, physicians and the public. His vision is that of returning to the medical ideal of “treating the whole person” while incorporating all that modern science can add. And while medicine is often divided into sections (“western medicine”, “Chinese medicine”, “traditional medicine”, “botanical medicine” etc.) there are in reality only two kinds of medicine: good medicine and bad medicine and that good medicine takes the best of all forms and integrates them. In this way the patient is afforded the very best that history and science have to offer.

Dr.A also published a book for cancer patients and their families called “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies” (Hay House Publishing) based on both he and his co-authors clinical experience and the cancer research he had been involved in.

When he is not on the road or working from his Seattle offices Dr.A enjoys time with his wife Lori and their family. They have five adult children and six grandchildren who provide endless opportunities for fun and interaction. His family has always been his driving force, motivation and joy.