Online Course: Restorative Health

Hosted by Dr. Lisa A. Price, ND

Acclaimed Naturopath, National Institute of Health Research Fellow, Biochemist, Bastyr University adjunct faculty member, author and producer Dr. Price brings you the 7 vital characteristics found in Blue Zones and populations where spontaneous remissions have occurred.

Two populations give us insight into surviving cancer and other chronic illnesses: Blue Zones and those populations who've undergone spontaneous remissions. Each have nine to ten observed characteristics that distinguish them from other global populations. Comparing the groups we find that seven characteristics overlap. Science can explain the physiological effects of each of these characteristics. This online course will review, elucidate the science and explore ways to cultivate each with exercises. In doing so, participants will leave with a greater understanding and direction for creating contemporary plans in conjunction with their healthcare teams. 

The Restorative Health Course will explore, explain and cultivate the following characteristics: 

Stress Reduction
Herbs and Supplements

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