Dr. Price is a leader in culinary nutrition for cancer patients


Nutrition Plays a Key Part in Your Health.

Too many people complain about aches and pains, fatigue and body image issues without realizing the magical answer is simply in the nutrition they take into their system. It really can be that simple, and for many the process of improving nutrition is an exciting journey of new recipes.


Dr. Lisa A. Price knows first hand the vital part nutrition plays in your health, in fact, she co-wrote the book on it. If you are ready to change your health starting with changing what you put in your body, check out her book Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery and schedule an appointment with her office. Don't worry, improving nutrition does not mean miserable eating but it does mean you have to be willing to make changes to improve your life. Learn more about Dr. Price and her practice if you are ready to feel better than you have in the past.