Dr. Price is a leader in culinary nutrition for cancer patients


Dr. Lisa A Price is Your Answer to Holistic Doctors Near Me in Seattle, WA.

Are you searching for holistic doctors near me in Seattle? Visit Dr. Price for whole-body natural care that will help you look at healthcare in a whole new light. If you have never heard of naturopathic medicine then you are in for an eye-opening experience where the doctor actually listens to you and cares about your symptoms, where you and the doctor work as a team to get to the root cause of your health problems to truly heal and feel your best, and where many solutions are natural and not harmful to the body.



Dr. Price wrote the book on eating right with cancer, she co-manages cancer care, she helps women through menopause and hormonal fluctuations, and she helps people regulate their blood sugar naturally for optimal health and longevity. If you want a great holistic doctor with proven credentials and years of experience, look no further.