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Dr. Lisa A. Price, ND

Dr. Lisa A. Price, ND can Help With Whole Body Wellness and Longevity.

Have you felt like something was missing at your doctor's appointments? Do you feel like just another number in a line of patients? Do you feel like you list your symptoms just to wait for the doctor to pull how the prescription pad for a quick fix? Do all of these things just leave you feeling worse and like you are on a cycle of doctor's visits with no real change? You likely are ready to try Dr. Lisa A. Price, ND’s style of Integrative medicine.

This form of medicine is all about healing the body, not masking the issue with pain pills or other medications that only alleviate the symptoms temporarily with no real fix. Dr. Lisa A. Price, ND takes time to get to know the patient, address their concerns, and use conversation, deduction, and education to decide on a whole body, often long term course of action to fix conditions. This method means that the patient is left feeling more satisfied with the doctor's visit, and more importantly they actually heal and no longer need chronic care in many cases.