Dr. Price is a leader in culinary nutrition for cancer patients


Don't Diet. Rethink Your Food Choices All Together.

Throw out the idea of a temporary diet and consider improving your nutrition overall. The idea of a diet is what sets so many people up to fail. After all, the very word diet brings to mind a temporary bit of misery to achieve some number on a scale. If you are miserable then you cannot sustain the lifestyle that may or may not help you achieve your weight or health goals.



If instead of dieting you truly get to know your body, your personal calorie requirements each day, and your personal tastes for great foods and then plan a permanent way of eating that includes a wide variety of nutritional items that you actually enjoy, and even some of your old favorites modified or in moderation then you will be able to improve your health yourself for the long-term. Throw out the idea of dieting and discover the endless healthy options that exist until you have a new list of favorite foods to choose from.