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Complementary Cancer Care in Seattle, WA May Help You Get Through The Next Few months.

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? There are probably a lot of thoughts going through your mind right now, and you are starting a journey into a world that you likely never wanted to be a part of, a world that is full of new terms and new concepts that will become old lingo all too soon.



Complementary cancer care is one of those terms that many people don't hear until they need it. This form of care works in conjunction with your primary oncologist. Complementary care helps patients to get through some of the side effects that come with chemotherapy, a complementary cancer doctor will help you make choices to improve your health and your energy levels as you become a survivor. If you are considering this type of care, call the offices of Dr. Lisa Price and look into her book Cooking through Cancer Treatment to Recovery. Dr. Price will help you on your journey by providing another member of your cancer fighting team, one who has safe and natural methods in her arsenal to help boost your immune system and improve your situation in any way possible.